November 16, 2008



We went and saw the new James Bond yesterday! I am not a huge fan of these movies, a little too unrealistic for me. But to see Daniel Craig, it makes it all worth it :)
Did you like it??? I thought it was pretty good, but I liked the last one a little better

Pinewood Derby time!

For Terrance's scouts they brought back the past and let the boys make a pinewood derby with NO RULES!!! So terrance loaded his BUS up with BB's to make it super heavy and trimmed up the wheels, we were thinking it was a pretty good set up. Well apparently some of the boys put motors on their cars and got super intricate with their ideas. So sadly T and CJ didn't win :( But it was fun to see their ideas. I think it would so much fun to have a couples pinewood derby contest with all of our friends!!!!!! ANyone up for it? 

adding in the BB"S
T and Dad brainstorming 


 A couple weekends ago Dad, Ty, Cj, Terrance, and Clay were going to go shooting and they asked me if I wanted to go. At first I wasn't so sure about it, but decided that it could be fun, so I went! The first couple of minutes I HATED it. The sound of the guns going off freaked me out. Clay finally convinced me to try shooting the 22. So I (somewhat unwilling) tried. It didn't kick back at all, I was surprised! It was actually fun. After awhile I tried a few other guns. We had a good time!!!
Me and the 22
The assault rifle 
Clay with "my" 22
T-dog and CJ
Clay, Dad, CJ

Canning with mom!!!

Mom was going to can some peach jam and I have never canned before so I decided to go and learn! It was fun to spend some time with my mom and also learn something I should know how to do :) She also made some homemade bread, it was YUMMY with a little of our jam on top!
Finished product

Me and Momma

Happy Halloween

I don't know if you remember when I posted the picture of the HUGE pumpkin earlier but this is the final product!!!! They were all enormous, but this one was the LARGEST! 

Sandi and Clay

Clay's grandpa on halloween, he is the cutest man ever!! I thought they were such good sports to dress up!! Do you see how his braid is off to the side? Well Doris (clay's grandma) told him it was suppose to go down the back of his head, but he insisted on the side braid :) 
Grandma, one of Aaron's twins, Grandpa Clay and Derrick