June 14, 2009

Family baby shower!

I had a baby shower with my family yesterday, it was so great to see everyone! My sweet mom put A LOT of time and effort into planning the perfect day! thanks mama :) I got some incredible gifts, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! As everyone showed up I realized how lucky my sweet daughter (wow, that is crazy to say) is to have such a loving family! I am so happy to know that she will be loved and supported by so many wonderful people. 

me and mama
This a my Grandma Millar, holding the beautiful quilt that my Grandma Cardon made for me!
I missed the chance to get a picture with my Grandma Cardon but Thank you so much for this quilt you put so much time into it, I can't wait to wrap her up in it :)
We played one game, it was really funny!!!! My mom had everyone guess how big around my tummy was with a piece of string, they couldn't wrap it around themselves though, they just had to hold it out in front of them and guess! This is my aunt Tammy (above) she was second closest to the actual size of me. My mom guessed about the same as her, but the winner was my little cousin Aspen (she is now my favorite cousin :) ha ha just kidding 
This is my grandma Millar (she is going to kill me for putting this on her, but I can't resist) She guessed that I was HUGE!!!! It was double the length that it should have been. I told she was not getting a Thank you card :) Of course I was kidding, I just had to give her a hard time. Grandma I still love you just the same as I did before you thought I was 300 lbs :)

Me measuring to see who was closest
My sweet mom and me

My dad taking a guess (he was a little long)

Clay was pretty right on,(even a little small) good guessing babe! You knew you had to come home with me, way to guess small!! 


YAY, the first boating trip of the season!!! I love being out on the lake. I do have to admit that it is not quite as fun when I can't do anything, but at least I can soak up some sun rays to this white body of mine :) I was SO tempted to get out on the wake-board and take it really easy, but I quickly realized that wouldn't be the smartest thing to do being 8 months pregnant :) It was fun to watch everyones else's tricks though. The water was perfect!! I'm sure we'll go several times this summer, I'm excited (as long as it is not choppy, I don't this baby to come out too soon)
Cortney and me
34 weeks!! (it is coming super fast)
Me and my sweetheart
Clay and Paul
Clay and Jason

We have some great friends!!!!!

Wax candles

We did some ear wax candles after our fishing excursion. Paul and Cortney had never done them before, and it had been a long time since Clay and I had done one so we decided to try it out. It is really pretty gross, but cool. You buy the wax candle at good earth. Have any of you done this before??

Can you imagine walking in on someone doing this if you didn't know what they were doing, you would think they were absolutely crazy!!!


The other night we were sitting at the house and the guys had this sudden desire to go fishing! I haven't been fishing in a long time, so I thought, sure, that would be fun!! So the guys ran to pick up some fishing bait and we headed to the lake. It was a pretty nice night, EXCLUDING the swarming mosquitos!! I forget how bad they can be :( We had no luck with any fish, but it was still fun. The guys were way patient with Cort and I because we kept tangling our line (me) or getting it stuck in trees (Cortney) ha ha it was way funny!

Cortney and Me attempting to fish
Cortney catching the leaves on the tree :)

Paul and Cortney

baby shower!!

I had such a great time with all of my great friends that were able to come to my shower, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! It was so fun to see some friends that I haven't seen in a little while. I got some adorable things, I can't wait to  put them to use :) Thanks so much, Lindy, Sar, and Lindsay for putting it all together!!!!
Tammy and Me
Meili, Kar, Me, Taylor
Lindy, Sar, Me (lindy is due anyday YAY!!!!!)
Tam, Me, Carly, Kar, Emmy
Love all of these girls!!!!! 
Thanks so much for coming