February 12, 2009

Our amazingly wonderful cruise!!!

This is in St. Thomas

This picture is SO my dad. He is such a goof-ball. Incase you don't see anything weird about it look closely at his seashell bra
The boys had a beach gymnastics competition. This is Clay's leap I gave him a 10!!! nice pointed toes 
This is on our catamaran snorkel excursion just before we went to the beach

Here are most of our pics!!

The food on the cruise was outstanding!! The dinners were so fun, it's fun to try things you've never tried.
It was such a relaxing trip!! Room service, your room cleaned when you leave, awesome entertainment!!

Belly flop contest

Oh how I wish you all were here with us to see this event!! This was hilarious. The ship was having a belly flop contest so my dad, Clay and Tyler entered along with other guys that were with us so it was so fun to know almost all of the contestants. The contest was to see who could do the best/WORST belly flop. Well little did the guys know that the belly flop part of the contest was only the beginning. They announced each guy one at a time and then turned on music and they had to dance for a good 30 seconds to get the crowd going. WE WERE LAUGHING SO HARD!!!! I wish I had it on video to show everyone. It was an unforgettable experience!! (just picture them dancing, none of them are shy)

Tyler (above) He did quite the dance. He calls it the birthday dance. YIKES He did get some pretty loud cheers
Pops OUCH!! That seriously had to hurt. He did a little hip shakin' it was hilarious.
Clay, nice form! You would have thought he would have won, but sadly did not :( 
Yes, this is my husband doing some sort of pole dance!! I don't know where he learned it, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard!!

Playing some B Ball

sippin' on a yummy strawberry colada
We played PIG and one of the shots you had to bounce the ball off of your forehead and have it go in the basket. This is my attempt

February 11, 2009

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Baby Barnes

As most of you know I am pregnant!!! We found out this past weekend that we are having a little girl!! We are so excited. I can't even explain how neat it was to have Clay by my side, finding out that we are having a little girl!! Looking at her on the ultrasound was the greatest experience ever. She is about 5 inches long right now, she was curled up tight to it was hard to tell exactly but from her head to her bum she is 3 inches so I would guess total length of 5? As we saw her moving around I had to stop and think... that is going on inside of ME! It was weird that I couldn't feel her, but I know that day will come in about a month. It still seems so unreal to me to think I will be a MOM!!! Wow, that title is crazy. 

New Years Eve

We went up to Lindy's parents cabin again for New years!!!! We always have such a great time up there. We had tons and tons of food, played games, talked, the boys went "extreme sledding", and of course we had our sparkling cider and streamer/noise makers for the count down!! 

Happy New YEAR!!!! 
Matt and Clay before extreme sledding
Sarah W, Sarah B, Me, Jess, Lind, and Ash

Third year anniversary

Our three year anniversary was on the third of January. We have had the most amazing three years ever!!! I honestly couldn't ask for a sweeter, more caring husband. Clay amazes me everyday with how thoughtful and sweet he is. I hope he knows how much I love him. I often sit and think about how lucky I am to be married to such a great guy. I hope our years to come are as great as these past three!!! 

Revealing the BIG NEWS!!!

Christmas morning was extra special this year. We got to tell our families that we were having a baby!!! They have all been waiting for this day for a LONG time. I think they were all very surprised. My mom couldn't believe that I had kept it in as long as I did (11 weeks) Which isn't super long, but as most of you know I am very close with my family and so they were shocked that I could keep it in. It was an awesome day!! We got them a children's book and wrote a little note on it saying, "You'll want this on hand to read to your on the way grandchild!" 
Dad, me Clay, mom
Mom and Pops opening the gift
This is us at The Barnes' house! As you can see the reaction was amazing. They were all so excited. Sandi and Britt started to cry, which made me cry, Of course they were tears of joy!! 
Me and Sandi
Clay and I opening a few gifts at my family's house
YAY!! We got a video camera, we have been debating on buying one of these. My family is big on watching old videos and we laugh for hours about all of us kids when we were little. So now we can start our own collection!
Ty opening his sweet pants we got him
T-dog lookin' good in his new hoodie
This Christmas Ty, Clay and I got my parents a bunch of pictures to hang on the walls downstairs. My dad has wanted to blow up a bunch of our sporting pictures and make our downstairs covered in memories!! It turned out really neat. We have snowmobiling pics, wake-boarding, four-wheeling, etc. It is a good start, now we just need to keep adding to the wall to make it complete!!

Christmas Time

This christmas was so much fun, Chad and Ash brought their cute kids and kids always make Christmas more fun!!! Jace ripped through the gifts it was pretty funny, he was more excited to just open the gift than to see what was inside. He was grabbing everyone's presents and opening them for them. It was way funny!! Poor little Brenna was sick almost the entire time, she was still such a sweetheart it was so fun to have them here. 
Jace and Uncle Clay
Clay, Derrick, and Aaryn (and babies) at our Christmas Eve party
Chad, Jace and Brenna
Jace's spiderman outfit he got for Christmas
All the gals in our matching PJ's! Sandi is so cute, she got us all matching PJ's