May 19, 2009

Mothers day!!

Clay and Sandi the greatest mother-in-law EVER!!!!
Me and my momma! The greatest mom a girl could ask for, I hope I can be even half the mom that she has been to me. As I get closer to having my baby I realize more and more the great relationship that my mom and i have and I hope more than anything that my little girl and I have can have the same great relationship that my mom and I have!!! love you mom
Kissing  our baby :)
Clay and I on my first mother's day!!!

coming along!

28 weeks!!!

30 weeks!! She is moving SO much, it's so much fun to feel her moving around in my tummy. 

Cabin night!!

A few weeks ago we went up to our good friends cabin. It was so nice to just away for a night. We cooked dinner, went on the rope swing, built a fire, roasted marshmallows, and talked out under the stars!! thanks Linds and Jason for the invite, it was a great time!!!

Courtney, Melissa, Lindsay, Me
Clay and Jeff pushing Paul across the river with the rope swing

CJ's last Senior baseball game!!

This was CJ's very last game as a Senior in High-school. Wow, I can't believe he is that old, that means I am SUPER old!! He played so great, I am always amazed when I go and watch my little brother's play, they seriously are great!!!! I suer will miss watching him play.
Me, the proud sister
momma, CJ and Pops

All of the graduating Sr's that have played together for about 8 years!! It brought a tear to our eyes to see this day come, it truly was sad to see the season end, knowing that they are done playing.

Easter time

Baby bump! (25 weeks)
Dad and mom (A.K.A Easter bunny) trying to remember where they hid all of the eggs

CJ, Clay, Me and Ty (Terrance was out of town at the sand dunes)
Me and my bro's (wow aren't these two looking like real ladies men!!!!) Seriously CJ, nice boots!
My dad thought this would be a great place to hide an egg! Down in a hole that only could be reached with tongs!!

Yes, that is me crawling on the ground, under a trailer, to get an egg :)
CJ trying to find an egg that I may have missed
Clay, king of the grill! He whipped us up some yummy Hamburgers

If any of you know Clay, this little bowl below would be better than winning the lottery! He absolutely LOVES Reeses eggs (trees, hearts, bats, etc) all of the holiday Reeses. So Yes, this was his Easter basket. 

May 5, 2009

Me at 26 weeks

Me at 26 weeks :) She sure is growing, I feel her moving around a lot now, it's really fun. I could feel some part of her body pushed up against my tummy the other day. i tried to figure out what it was, but couldn't. I can't wait to see and hold her. Clay and I went to visit Sarah, Justin and their baby last night. she is SO adorable, I just kept looking at her and thinking, I will have my own in just a few months. It is still like a dream. It made me so excited. Sarah is such a cute mom, she seems to have it down already. CONGRATS SAR!!!! I am so happy for you.

Family Rock band!!

My aunt was in town a couple of weeks ago and so the whole family got together to see her. It was good to see all of my aunts and uncles! The party turned into a Rock band fiesta. My mom and all of her sisters were rockin' out, it was hillarious. My mom LOVES this game, she has never been into video games UNTIL NOW! She loves it, it is so funny. I do have to say they did a pretty good job. However, then my brothers had to show them how the game was really played :)
T-dog, Ty, CJ
Aunt Carol
Aunt Cindy
Aunt Connie

May 4, 2009

Sarah's baby shower!!

Sarah had her baby shower a few weeks ago, it was so good to see her cute tummy. Sarah, Lind, and I have wanted to get all together to get pictures of our tummies before Sarah had her baby and this was finally our chance. It is so fun to be pregnant with two of my greatest friends. It's nice because they can give me a heads up as to what to expect :)
Sarah, Lind, Me