August 24, 2010

Fish face

London learned to do the fish face!

Climbing out of the tub

She just learned how to crawl out of the tub!

Feeding herself with a spoon...

you have got to watch this, it is so stinkin' cute!!!

Feeding herself with a spoon...

So this past week I decided to let London try and feed herself because I know she is going to have to learn sooner or later and I was reading that around this time they can start to work on using a spoon to feed themselves so I figured we'd give it a whirl. She actually did pretty considering she'd never done it before.
This was the outcome!

She did get a few bites in her mouth

Pirate party!!

Our cute neighbors had their little boys birthday party last week and invited London! It was the cutest party ever! She is so creative. The pictures we got are DARLING!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of our neighbors, the day we all have to move away will be the saddest day ever!
Happy Birthday !!
Our little pirate walking the plank

Seriously... yes she made these! I told her she is planning my next party

she put together these little sack lunches for all of the kids
Daddy and baby pirate, look out!

One tired Pirate

August 23, 2010

Happy birthday to me! the BIG 27!!

Happy birthday to me :) Clay got me this wonderful surprise! A new wake board :) I love it!!! I always used the same one as all of the boys and my feet are half the size so the boots were never tight enough. We've talked about getting me one for a few years now, so he decided to surprise me! Thanks love! Then he surprised me and took me to Ruby River where I had a whole room of people there to celebrate with! Before all of this My mom took me shopping all day and to get a pedicure at the greatest place EVER! Juicy nails. Then my  dad meet us for lunch. Let's just say it was a perfect day!!
 I love birthdays :)

August 22, 2010

She's a big girl now!

London is officially in a forward facing car-seat for two weeks now!!
she LOVES it!! She was looking all around the first time we drove with her facing forward, she thought it was the coolest thing ever! Plus now she actually can get the air and not sweat to death. I can't believe how big she it now!

Camping with our friends!

We went camping up AF canyon last weekend with some friends. It was SO beautiful up there. Super crowded too! But after a little while of searching we found "THE SPOT" It turned out to be perfect! We left the kiddo's home with grandma's and headed out. It was perfect weather and great company. We have the greatest friends ever, we feel so lucky! The guys seriously were so awesome they dug out the spots for our tents, put up the grill, fixed dinner, started a fire, and then after all of that they sat down and enjoyed the yummy dinner with us :) They were awesome! Thanks guys.
I think we'll be back to this spot again before summer ends!

campsite before...

Our hubby's
Morgan, Paul, Clay, Tyler, Evan
Master Chef's

Enjoying the warm fire
After the digging!
The next morning after breakfast!
Hauling out the grill
This picture DOESN'T do this justice AT ALL! this little tiny walk away across the river was slightly tricky to get all of our stuff across a few of us had some wet pants legs after a few crossings.
The three of us and our hubby's slept over the others had to get back last night.
Cortney is nine months pregnant and due any day so we were just glad she and Paul came :) What a trooper!

Annual Poker run!

First weekend of August we go and do a Poker run with Clay and Dad's work friends. Hunter sprinkler parts puts it. It is always so much fun! This year we didn't have a great poker hand, but almost all of us ended up winning a prize. So we started out on our 40 mile ride and 15 miles into it starts POURING RAIN. This was not just a little drizzle. No pouring, and it was FREEZING!! Even Clay admitted it was freezing and he knew that if he was cold I was beyond cold. So as the rain was pelting us in the face we were driving to find a place to hide out for a little bit. Clay finally found a spot under some trees and we waited for about 15 or so minutes and then the rain had slowed down and you could kind of see the sun again. So we got back on the 4-wheelers which were now soaked and started riding and realized that the road was like an ice skating rink, the road was pure clay and slippery as snot (as my dad said :) So we're riding along and I am not exaggerating when I say that mud is flying up off the tires the size of a small cantaloupe. HUGE! I was covered. Honestly at this point all I could do was laugh :) It was comical. We were covered in mud by the end of the ride. These pictures do not even do it justice. The good thing was that it actually warmed up a little so the rest of the ride wasn't too bad temperature wise. I would take being a mud ball over freezing any day!
Side note... So my mom and kels managed to stay clean because there 4-wheelers were made for mountain riding. So towards the end my mom is carefully going around this huge mud puddle and Terrance floors it and goes right through it and sprays her :( Funny, but sad! Poor mom, you should have had more girls :) ha ha just kidding! We all had a great time!
They had dinner for us after the ride and gave away prizes. We took off after that, but next year we ARE going to sleep up there either the night before or night after. Probably before considering we were mud-balls and wanted to shower after. hunter does a great job at putting this on. It is always great memories!
our first stop for our first poker card

CJ decided to climb the tree... who knows?

Take a good look at this CLEAN picture
Moments later...soaking wet
this was our shelter

Totally covered in mud. I wish so bad that I could have recorded the huge chunks of mud flying up over our machines.

Look at T-dog's four wheelers, you can't even see it!
Loading up after a good day of fun
After the ride, not quiet as clean.

CJ's four-wheeler died half way through so he hoped in the back of someone's truck.
Great memories!!!!