September 16, 2008


As I was driving home from work today I was wondering what i was going to make for dinner. I usually go home during my lunch break and start  something in the crock-pot, but didn't today. When i got home thinking i'd have to start dinner,  I walked into my apartment to these gorgeous flowers! My two favorite flowers, lilies and gerber daisies. It was such a sweet surprise. Along with the flowers was a note saying that clay was grilling shrimp and chicken up at his mom's house for us. Seriously, what a gem!! I love him, I sure did find a winner :)

Mom's birthday!!

It was my mom's birthday yesterday! I hope she had a GREAT day! We all went to dinner at the olive garden  to celebrate. She is such  a great mom, i don't think i could ever find a more loving and caring mom. She is such a fun person to be around, and definitely one of my very best friends!!!!!!! love ya mom, you are the best!
Pops and mom (with her new camera)
me putting her birthday hat on her and giving her her gift (a magnet board)

I am so excited!!

This is one of my very FAVORITE shows ever! It is so motivational and exciting to watch! I would love to get my butt kicked by Julian and Bob!! I have just started personal training and I am loving it!!! When I graduated school in exercise science I was bummed because I didn't think I wanted to do it, but I have one client right now and am loving it!!!! (I hope to get more clients, but one is kind of nice since i'm still working 8-5:30 too) But if you know anyone who wants a trainer I'd love too to help them out !!

This is motivational :)

YAY!! I finally posted!

There is more to come soon! I have been the BIGGEST slacker lately, hopefully I can keep up a little better now :)

Dinner with Chay and Brady

We finally got together with chay and brady we have a hard time finding a night that works for both of us, so it was so much fun to spend some time with them. We went to zupas!!! Their food is so yummy, i love the turkey sandwich and tomato basil soup. 
Chay you look so great and your baby is absolutely adorable! 

Brady, kesly and Clay 

Brian Reagan concert

My mom, clay and I went to the Brian reagan comedy show at thanksgiving point with some other family friends. Dad and the boys were out of town :( He was really good, i had never heard any of his stuff before. The guy who opened for him (Kermit ?) was amazing too!! This is thanksgiving points grounds, it was beautiful!!!
The grounds at thanksgiving point
Brian Reagan

MY 25th birthday (Quarter of a century!!!)

Wow! so I hit the big quarter century mark in august! I can't believe I am that old. Well not that 25 is old, but when I was younger I though people that were 25 were so established and set in life. Well we are still in our lovely apartment so not quite established, ha. But we are looking STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (someday I'll post and say that we found a house!!) Anyhow, my birthday was so great! some of my friends took me out to lunch at guru's a few days before my birthday. I have the greatest friends ever. It was so fun to get together.  Then the saturday before my birthday clay took me to salt lake to SHOP!!!! One of My all time favorite thing to do in my spare time :) He was so sweet and patient to wait for me to try things on again and again. I was impressed! I found some cute clothes. I got the cutest new workout stuff too!! Then we ate at one of my favorite places that is no longer in provo, Rubio's.  Then we headed back to provo and I went to a few more stores and then for dinner we went to Happy sumo. love it!! 
Ava, Jamie, Kare, lucy, Kesly (chay's baby), me, and chay
Ava and me
I came home from work on my birthday and clay had decorated our apartment! It was so fun. he had 25 balloons that covered the sealing, and then the BIG 25 balloons along with streamers and candy covering the floor. oh and my presents :)

September 15, 2008

Tepanyaki with the fam!

My family took me to tepanyaki for my b-day!! I hadn't been there in a long time. I forgot how much I love it!!! They veggies and shrimp are my favorite!! yummy. We had a great time!! I love my family. Thank you for a fun night!!!!
CJ, me, Terrance

Cj, T, me, dad and mom (clay took the pic so he's not in it)

Me and clay
Cj and Terrance being themselves :) love em to death!!!

September 14, 2008

A stroll in the park on the LAST WEEK OF SUMMER :(

Seriously this park is so beautiful!! (i can't remember the name of it, but it's the one on the way to wal-mart the back way) Clay's mom was telling us how pretty it was and so Clay and i decided to go and walk around it. They have done a lot with the park, it is really nice, and clay of course appreciates it due to his job :) I am going to miss all of these flowers in a few weeks, since this is the LAST WEEK OF SUMMER. I am so not ready for winter yet. Fall is pretty and it's fun to bring out the fall clothes, but i am not a fan of the cold, and scraping my windows every morning. YUCKY! So I guess I'll just live every sunny moment to it's fullest until the cold hits.