May 30, 2008

A 4.0 dog!!!!!

SO this sad dog is what got my little brother Terrance a 4.0 this past semester! He took a ceramics class and this was his last project, he had a 3.8 and after turning this poor thing in it bumped him up to a 4.0. We were laughing so hard. We thought maybe they would minus points for this, but no... it boosted his grade. Terrance maybe you should take up a new profession :) WE love you though. BUT I AM PROUD OF BOTH OF MY BROTHERS THEY BOTH GOT A 4.0. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! (oh and don't think I'm just mocking my brothers work he laughs at it too)

May 29, 2008

Wow, TONS of new Posts to see

The big 47

Happy Birthday Pops!! I'm so glad we could spend part of this day with you. The day started out by them going to One Man Band for breakfast; then, Dad, CJ and T-dog went golfing during the day. Then, after work Clay and i headed up to go to dinner and just hang out. 

T-dog, Pops, me

Blair's graduation!!!

Blair had her high-school graduation the other day. Way to go Sista
Blair, Me, Brit, Clay
Sandi, Blair, Clint
Just being their crazy selves!  Wow babe, looking good!

Bowling again!!

Seriously aren't bowling shoes cute???!!!! I am kinda grossed out by them

Sandi, Tyson (brit's boyfriend) Quynn (blair's boyfriend) and Brit Bowling on memorial day
So, Clay and I decided to try and take each other out on this race car game. I totally was winning at first, but of course i lost control and was running into walls and Clay passed me up and won :(

Ty's in town

Tyler came into town this past week for Tucker Lougee's wedding!! I can't believe Tucker is married, too weird! But he and his cute wife are so cute. Tyler is doing REALLY good. He's been in Texas selling Security systems and doing exceptionally well. So proud of my bro.
It was SSSSOOO good to see you TY!!! We miss you

So proud of my mom!!!

So if any of you know my family we do NOT have a "green thumb" (for house plants that is. Our yard stays beautiful due to my parents hard work. But as for other plants that aren't planted in the ground they usually die off within a matter of weeks :( So when my mom bought this plant we kinda laughed and thought "we'll see how long this one lasts" SO of course she was determined to keep it alive because we were teasing her. Well as you can she has!!!!!!!! So mom I have to congratulate you! We'll see how it looks mid june :)

cont of CJ b-day!

Dad showing his mad bowling skills
mom being the awesome mom she is (rubbing the boys back)
CJ and me!!!

May 28, 2008

CJ's 18th Birthday!!

We went and ate a Tucanos and stuffed our faces with their yummy food, then we went to good ol' Fat Cats. We haven't been bowling years (well clay and i anyway) But it was such a blast. i forgot how much I liked to bowl. I'm not any good, but we had a great time!!! 



May 26, 2008


I can't even explain to anyone how excited I am for this show!!! I watched it this past thursday and was completely reminded why I love it so much! Clay also likes to watch it with me, which i love. I can't wait until this thursday because they're in UTAH!! I have some friends that made it to Vegas, i hope they're on TV!!!!! love it, love it, love it!
anyone with me??

I love Redbox!!

So I've decided that we are addicted to redbox. Seriously I love it. $1.00 a movie you can't beat it. That way if you hate the movie you don't feel sick to your stomach because it's only a dollar not $20 (like it is at the theaters) But have any of you seen any of these?? If so what did you think of them??
Just ok, i was expecting more :(
Clay LOVED it, I thought it was pretty good
Clay hated it, I liked it, but I honestly felt like i had stolen money and felt guilty after. (don't worry I haven't EVER taken money) but watching this movie made me feel sick that they could do this.. even though I know it's a movie, ha
Clay thought it was ok, I actually really liked it. A cute love story :) He's so cute in this movie

May 25, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Clay and his bro's

For those of you who have never seen clay's brothers this is all of them together. This is sadly a rare occasion to have them all together but were able to pull it off for the big Nascar race.
(Bryce, Clay, Kyle, Chad)

May 23, 2008

Clay's trip to North Carolina

Clay and his brothers started a tradition last year of going to Nascar!!! They all had a great time. As you can see by these pictures they didn't suffer too much. They went fishing, which Clay LOvES, loVEs, LovEs and they went to The Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean concert (Clay loves Jason Aldean!! They also played in a golf tournament. And last but NOT least the Nascar race. Seriously these are all of Clay's favorite things (except ME of course :) So I was so glad that he was able to go. He has been working really hard lately so i was glad that he could have a fun break! While he was gone I just vegged! I shopped, cleaned, went to gym, and just did whatever I wanted. So we both had a great time!!!! I love you Clay and am so glad that you were able to spend time with your brothers!!
Fishing with his brothers
This is Clay and his brothers (Chad and Ash) little boy He's a TANK!!! So darn cute 
Clay and Bryce at the race
Jason Aldean and Tim concert
The track (I can't believe how many people go to this)

May 18, 2008

Add me please!!

So I saw this on Sarah's blog and thought it was a great idea so I'm copying you Sar. If you're going to make your blog private please add me so I can still see all of your cute blogs! the email is

May 17, 2008

Mothers day

Me and my grandma Millar
Later in the day we went up spend some time with my momma!! Dad had prepared stuff to whip up a yummy BBQ. I was impressed he even bought veggies to go with it (way to go dad) He pretty much prepared it all. Then I made dessert, it was "ALMOST better than sex cake :)" it tasted pretty darn good. Then since my grandma was here all of my aunts and uncles came to our house because they were coming to visit grandma at her house but she was at our house, so it was a party at the Cardon's!!! It was so fun to see everyone. This is a picture of my mom and her mom and sisters, minus Connie :(  they are all such great ladies. I was sad as I was looking though my camera I realized I didn't get a picture with just my mom and I, I was bummed. But mom I want you to know that I love you so much and appreciate ALL of the things you for me and clay. I also am so grateful for our friendship, you are someone I can ALWAYS talk to, and I know you'll always listen. Thank you for your incredible example in everything you do. You are a great mom, I know Ty CJ and Terrance all agree too!! I love you

Turbo party

At Golds gym today they had a turbo jam "party" It was so much fun! It was a 2 hour turbo class (turbo is like kick boxing)  They had all of the turbo teachers take turns teaching different sections. It kicked my bootie. (I think I deserve to loose 10 lbs for going) ha We were all working hard and getting our butts kicked. At the end they gave out awards!!! I was like a little kid again. It's always fun to win a prize, right?! It was a blast!!

Has anyone rented/seen any good movies lately???

So I rented this last night, wasn't quite sure what to expect, thought it may be a tad bit lame. It was! Definitely NOT one to buy
We rented this the other night, it was ok, nothing special. Not one i have to buy though. but it was alright!
I know I'm going to get the most crap about this one, but I don't get it... Everyone I know talked this movie up so much that I was SO exited to see it... I thought it was so dumb! Ya there may have been  the few funny parts, but honestly I don't get all the hype about it! I thought it was really lame how the guy going to adopt her child tried to come on to her. (awkward when they were dancing in his house) Weird. Anyhow I'm expecting ridicule for not liking it so I guess lay it on me. 

May 7, 2008

Our first REAL kitchen table

We finally bought our first real kitchen table, and by real I mean not a card table with folding chairs. YAY, we are stepping up in the world. I was SO excited about getting this table, and Clay surprised me by having it mostly set up by the time I got home. However, when I walked into the kitchen I realized that the table looked A LOT bigger in our tiny apartment than it did in the store. It is hilarious. It looks huge, it's a black high-top table, which I love, but it's kind of funny looking in our small kitchen. So I guess we'll just have a good laugh until we someday buy a house. 

What a mess! This is our front room as he assembled the table :)

CJ's Prom night!!!!

Getting ready for the big night! 

CJ had his first Prom this past weekend!! He looked so sharp. The girl he took was adorable. She wore a beautiful gold dress, so CJ got a gold tie. They looked so nice! They went to the gymnastic place in provo and had a picnic for their day date, then they went out to Goodwood for dinner. Then of course to the dance and then to my parents house for treats and hanging out!! He said he had a GREAT time. (Brittany you looked so pretty!!)

CJ and Brittany

Chay's cute baby bump

Last week we got together for lunch because Chay is due this month!!!! Wow, I can't believe how fast it has gone (well for me anyway :) She looks so dang cute! It was kind of weird because everyone that was able to come had kids I felt a little out of place. But someday my day will come too :) My friends are the best moms, I hope I can be just as great as them!! Chay I love you, and am SO EXCITED for you to have your baby. (She's having a GIRL)

May 6, 2008

Clay's mission reunion

Clay had his mission reunion last month. This was his mission president and his sweet wife. Clay absolutely loved them! They made a big impact on his life, it was so good to finally meet them.