January 31, 2008

Where is our home???

Seriously!! We have been looking for a house for about 8 months and are having 0% luck. It is super frustrating. We have found the perfect house several times, but then it ends up being way to expensive! Then we find the right price, and it's built in the 1800's. ha ha
If you see any cute homes that aren't ancient please let us know!!!!! One of these days it'll happen and we will be SO happy to move out of our apt and into something with a washer and dryer and a dishwasher. Yes, sadly we don't have either one. The day that I can do laundry at my own house will be a day to celebrate. It's so funny the thing that you take for granted, and then when you don't have them they seem like a luxury. :) Well I guess I've learned to be more grateful!!!!

January 28, 2008

My prince charming

"Why do I love you? Because you are and always have been my dream."


I just got a wedding invitation from a friend and it made me think about my great marriage. I seriously have the greatest husband in the world!!! He is so patient with me and is always thinking of ways to make me smile. From the second I saw him I had an instant love. (My 5th grade crush, but didn't attend the same school until high-school) I have known of Clay since the 5th grade, and all through jr high I still had my eye on him. Then high-school came around, and I would get a never-ending smile every time I saw him. He has always been the type to surprise me with little gifts or cute notes. As he says now, "Tiff has a few birthdays every year." I'll come home to a little present wrapped and a cute note. I couldn't have a found a more perfect person for me. He is such a hard worker and I want him to know how much I appreciate him!! What more can I say, He's my PRINCE CHARMING!

January 25, 2008

Living the good life

We went on a dinner cruise one of our lasts nights and had steak and lobster!! yum, yum. 

We watched a guy climb this tree so we thought we'd try.... ha ha we didn't quite make it to the top.

Whale watching

mom and I while we were on our whale watching tour. It was so neat, we saw a mother and baby whale, we got some neat pictures (I'll put those on later)

Hawaii !!!!!!!

We just came home from Hawaii and are so wishing we were still there! It was 80 degree weather there, so coming home to 17 degree's is not something to look forward to. We had such a great time though. We got a tattoo (fake of course) at the PCC so we thought we'd show them off :)  It was a great trip, we did all of the typical Hawaiian things, North shore, PCC, ate incredible food, got the famous shaved ice, went whale watching (my favorite!), a dinner cruise out into the sunset, the boys went on two dives, and tons of just hanging out. It was a great trip!!!!

January 8, 2008

Clay's new love!

Clay went snowmobiling with my dad today!! They went down to Fairview, apparently there was a ton of powder. I'm pretty sure that if he could sled everyday he would be the happiest guy on earth.

January 6, 2008

Love this show!!

This is our FAVORITE show. (well one of them) You have to watch it, it is so inspiring and neat to see how much weight these people loose. It's on Tuesday nights at 7:00.  They just started a new season, it's couples!!!

January 5, 2008

P.S I Love You

So we went and saw P.S. I love you tonight with my parents. I had no idea what to expect. I heard it was suppose to be the best love movie of the season and I'm all about chick-flicks, so I was excited to see it. If you go and see it just do something that I didn't and bring a box a tissues. I cried the entire movie. It was a good movie, yet very sad!!(especially if you put yourself in her situation) Hillary Swank is amazing in it. Let me know what you thought of the movie!!!

January 1, 2008

Keep dreamin'

And yes, this is my New Years DREAM resolution!!!


Clay's dream car!!!

This is Clay's New Years (DREAM) resolution!!
Maybe not this new year, but sometime in the next 10 or so...!!

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!

We had such a fun New Years!!! I was so glad, because I feel like New Years is one of those holidays that you get so excited about, and then it is somewhat of a let down. Let's be honest, there is not that much to do in provo, Utah. However, we were talking with Lindy and Matt and they were saying that we should all go up to their cabin in Sundance and go sledding, then skiing the next morning. Sounded good to us, so we grabbed some treats at the store and then went up to Clay's grandma's house. We played a few games and said hello to the cousins and then headed up the canyon. When we got there all of the guys went sledding (extreme sledding) and the girls stayed at the cabin and chatted, as well as read up on the latest hollywood gossip. When the clock struck midnight the guys were just walking in the door from sledding so we had our own countdown at 12:02 and toasted with our spiced apple cider!!! It was pretty funny. Needless to say that was just the beginning of our night. We ended up staying awake talking until 5:30 in the morning!!!!! Can't wait until tomorrow afternoon when our tiredness catches up to us. (it was worth it) New years morning Clay woke up and hit a few runs on the slopes with Matt, after-which we headed home to get a few things done around our little apt. It was a fun New Years!