October 29, 2010


We were able to go to Nitro Circus when they were here for APX. All I can say is WOW!! They are crazy. We stood right by the speakers so it was rocking out loud the entire time! It added to the fun though. We walked down away from the speakers at the end and it just seemed way to quite for this type of event. We had a great time! Our driver won TWICE so we got FREE t-shirts (x's 2, and then some) It was a really fun night! Thanks Derrick

The gang!

St. Anthony Idaho Sandunes annual trip

They are all like little kids in a candy store in this picture! This is Clay's all time favorite trip. He looks forward to it every year. They all love it! It's a bunch of men, testosterone, eating, and jumping WAY TOO BIG!

This is the result of jumping WAY TOO BIG!!!

Ty and CJ

Packed up and time to go back to reality! Bummer

London's photo shoot!

This post is a little dated ( well they all are I guess) But these were London's 13 month pictures. Heather Telford did them, and she did a GREAT JOB!! Thanks so much Heather. I Loved all of them. They are hanging all over my house :)

Tearing apart my wallet

This is one of her favorite things to do for some reason???? It makes me want to scream AAAHHHHHHHH

sad, too bad there are only $1's in there :(

Family pictures up the canyon with our friends

We went up the canyon with Ty, Shannel, Tate, Paul, Cort, and Caitlin to take some fun pics while the leaves were still pretty! Shannel did a great job, these are a few of the pictures we took. There's a lot, I couldn't just choose a few :) THANKS SHANNEL! 

OUR LITTLE FAMILY (Londy had just woken up so she's not super smiley)

I love this one! It's Tate and Lond

Clay carrying everyone's stuff. Seriously what a good man I have :)

Playing in the leaves