November 28, 2009

London 16 weeks old

This is London's new thing she does when she gets tired, she goes limp and flops over. She is getting so fun! She is so interactive now. She loves her feet so Grandma got her these cute foot rattles, she loves them!! I sure do love this little girl :)

This was one of those LONG nights, if you know what I mean :( I took London downstairs to sleep so that Clay could try and get a few hours of zzz's before waking up for a long day of school and work. She has slept in the boppy since about 2 weeks old. I LOVE it!! It is so nice with her breathing issue so that she can have her airway opened a little better. So I tucked her in downstairs and I woke up to see this sight. I had the biggest smile on my face, I couldn't help but take a picture. She had turned to her side and pulled her little blanket up by her face. I totally did this when I was little but I had my thumb in my mouth!
So happy!
Loving her foot rattles!!

I was feeding her and she grabbed her bottle and held it on her own :)
She is loving her feet lately. She grabs them and rolls from side to side. It keeps her and us entertained!!!

As soon as we get home from church we strip off the tights, the less clothes the better for her :) She LOVES to be naked!!!

Her favorite toy right now! Mr bear :)

Putting together London bouncy swing!

I put this together all by myself :) I figured Clay has put everything else together so I decided to give it a try. Not too bad huh!!!
She is still a little bit small for it, but I thought I'd try! sHe likes the stuff, but hasn't figured out how to grab it all yet. We'll give it a few weeks and I'm sure she'll love it

My project

Halloween time!

Me and London Halloween night!!
Her very own pumpkin
We went to a Halloween party that was so much fun! This is Clay and Paul bobbing for apples!
donut on a string
Our Halloween gang!

Yes we are thugs! Clay came home with these outfits for us :) I wanted to be flies... and london would be the frog, Clay denied that idea, along with us being scientist and her being our experimental frog. Oh well these turned out cute, and they were way WARM!!
London and Aunt nie nie
This picture cracks me up, it looks like she has to go potty. I laugh every time I see it!!!

The traditional pumpkin carving Sunday night!!

My mom and grandma made this for me when I was about three. So I had to pull it out and put her in it. she didn't like the idea of being trapped in something, but she sure did look adorable!!

Our little pumpkin patch
I was debating between these two costumes, I thought she look super cute in both, but we decided to go with the little froggy :)

13 Weeks old

She is flexing for the camera, getting ready to workout!!
We start our children out at a young age :) ha ha, I couldn't resist taking these pictures when we found these mini weights!!

12 weeks old!!!

Girls weekend!!!