June 30, 2010


HAPPY FIRST FATHER'S DAY CLAY!!!! AND HAPPY MANY YEARS OF BEING MY FATHER POPS :) We had a great father's day, we saw both of our great father's, had great food, and good created great memories!

We had a spider crawl race, it was funny!!
played a little golf...

london and grandpa
Our little family!!
Dad and his daddy :)
London enjoying the swing, I love these pictures so much!!

just chillin'

love, London

Swimming for the 1st time

Swimming for the 1st time

Not quite sure about the whole swimming thing...

June 28, 2010

London at the petting zoo!!

My mom and I were able to take London to the petting zoo last week and she absolutely LOVED IT!!

Eating in her new highchair!

Have you ever sneezed while eating? London has :)

No more bumbo!

London has officially out grown the bumbo! Not that she won't fit in it, but that she crawls right out of it so it doesn't do much good anymore. So we had this highchair in the closet just waiting for this day to come :) I can't believe my little baby is in a highchair. She is growing so fast I can't even believe it.
So this is the first few minutes of her being in her new chair...
STEP 1- happy!
Step 2- A little worried that she's not going to get her food
Step 3- SO MAD!!! The funniest part about this picture was that no noise was coming out of her mouth in this picture she just pulled this face... (the screams came shortly after)
Step 4- SO mad at mom, giving me the dirtiest look ever
A few moments later...
As soon as she got food she was as happy as can be :)
At what age do hormones kick in for girls.?.? drama!!!

London's boyfriend!!



grandma got london the cutest swimming suit, out fit and the most adorable sunday ever!

Back massage from daddy
Happy birthday pops!!

Happy birthday T-dog!!