December 18, 2008

You're eyes ARE seeing correctly I FINALLY UPDATED!!!

Everyone has been giving me a hard time at how bad I have been at blogging, so this should make up for lost time :) There are a TON of new posts!!!!!!!
It's about time, I know!!


Anyone else a fan??? Clay and I were so hooked on this show. We love it!!! this past week was the finale and YES my favorite person on the show WON!!!!! YaY Michelle. They all look so amazing, it is so fun to see all of the transformations. They don't even look like the same person! It's crazy. They are starting a new one with the biggest guy and biggest girl EVER on the show STARTING JAN 5. They usually only do one season a year, but it looks like they are going to do more now :) If you have never watched it you should!!!!!! It is really neat.


A few of my favorite things

Linds, here are just some of my favs that I thought of off the top of my head!!
Liquid Eye liner. I have grey and black, but I really want to try some other colors like plum, brown or midnight blue!!!!
Love my bare minerals! I love it because I don't feel like I have makeup caked on, plus if I fall asleep with it on I don't have to worry. I need to try the faux tan one though. I need a little more color this time of year :)
I absolutely LOVE my mineral eye-shadow!! It's not bare minerals, I got it at the center store in the mall. I highly recommend it!! They have Every color you can possibly think of!

Jazz game

Clay, Britt and I went up to the Jazz game. I LOVE going to the games!! We went up and ate at Z-Tejas and then made our way over to the game. JAZZ WON!!! 
Our half time snack!!!
We couldn't all decide on one place so we all ended up going somewhere different. Britt DIppin' Dots, Clay Hagan Daz and me Red Mango. YUMMY! Heidi introduced me to Red mango. The first bite of it I thought it tasted like sour cream, but then realized I couldn't but it down. It is so yum! Anyone else like it???????????


I love this time of year!!!! I love Christmas parties. We had our work party at Chef's Table last Thursday. I was very curious to see how the food was, because I had never eaten there. I heard it was pretty pricey, so I wondered if the food would be especially good... All I can say is WOW!! I was SO impressed, The food was phenomenal!! There salad dressing was delish, the raspberry lemonade was the best I've ever had! For the main course I had the Halibut. It has this yummy lemon butter sauce and yummy rice and veggies. All I can say is that I would most definitely go again!! I want to take Clay sometimes to see what he thinks!!! After we ate Dr. Hillam played some christmas music for us, it was so neat!
My work friends!! ( opening our gifts)
Dr Hillam

Clay and I up at the Christmas program at the conference center in Salt Lake

We had our ward christmas party last weekend, it turned out really well. Yummy food and good entertainment. We didn't take too many pics but we did get this cute one of  Ava with Santa. When she saw Santa her grin was from ear to ear, it was so cute!!!

Covey Cabin

We all had a little night away. We were invited up to the Covey's cabin (clay's aunt's) It was really fun. We had dinner up there and just hung out with cousin's and family.
Blair, Clay and Brit

Polish ping pong!! Derrick and Tyler (Aaron's hubby)
Clay and Matt

Lunch with the gals

We got our highschool friends together for a little christmas luncheon. It was SO good to see everyone, minus Kare :( Miss you papa!!! We ordered PF Changs and went to Jamie's parents house; just like old times. We all basically lived there throughout highschool, I know I did. So as you can see ALL of my friends have children. So, we got together to take this picture and they all had a child on their hip, I felt SO out of place. So Ava had this BIG baby doll and they had me hold it so I'd feel like I "fit in" it was really funny!!!! If you look real close, you can see my baby looks just like me... ha
Jamie, Chay, Carly, Lucy, Me, and Whit (and children of course)


This was the best surprise ever!!! This was one of those days when you walk in the door from work completely EXHAUSTED and have no clue what to have for dinner, and really have no desire to even think about it, and then, you here the sizzling of the grill in the kitchen and see your hubby cooking you a delicious dinner. What a life saver!!!!

He had it all set out, it was so sweet. (lovin' the TV tray's, we eat here more than on our table.)

cooking away!


This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Millar side of my family. (mom's side) We had it up at my aunt Carol's house. It was a lot smaller group this year, but still was quite the party :) I have to say the food this year tasted especially good!!!!!!!!!!!!
We didn't only have the traditional turkey, we had turkey, ham, and prime rib!! It was quite the display. The salad was excellent, the yams TO DIE FOR!!!!!!! (not too sweet), however, the stuffing was the best part!!!! That is always my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner. 
The gang
Ty and I after eating WAY TOO much
T and Grandma Millar
Clay Mom and Ty

ITS SLEDDING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's finally here!!! Clay and his buddies ( Derrick, Matt, and my Dad) can finally ride again. Clay is so excited for this years sledding. He can't stop talking about how amazing it was to get back onto his sled. He is like a kid on christmas morning, when anyone even talks about going snowmobiling, his face lights up. He would love it if he could ride EVERYDAY!!!!