February 17, 2011


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18 month check up

Length- 30 3/4 inches
Weight -23 lbs 12 oz
Head circ- 46 cm

London was being so funny at her check up. She was putting on a little show for me and Clay. It's like she had a sugar rush or something. She was spinning, shaking her bootie, running around and just going crazy! It was so cute. She is getting more and more fun as she gets older. She is Clay and My little buddy. She makes us laugh all of the time, she can do so much on her own, and she is seriously so good!! So BUSY but so good. She is right on track, in fact, a little ahead of track according to what the doctor says. That of course makes us proud parents. I try to write down every new word she says in a journal but it's getting so hard because she is saying so many new words everyday. I'm excited to see what's next!

pictures are coming

February 9, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Carriage rides at the Riverwoods mall with our great friends! If you didn't go and see that lights down there this year you NEED to go next year! It was beautiful, and they had carriage rides. Londy loved the Horses!!!!!!

this hat is so cute, but she kept pulling on it so she looks like a baker :)

Her beautiful Christmas dress! You can tell she felt so pretty in it, it was cute!

this was her swing from when she was little and it is in my closet up at my parents house. she never really liked it when she was little, but now tries to climb in it every time we go up there.


Loving putting on daddy's hat! Blair calls her L-Dizzle when she looks like a little thug

Riding the choo choo

London loved the train at the mall

At the Provo Mall they had the cutest train that went all around the mall. So we took Londy because she loves train rides!!! ((The zoo train was such a hit we rode it a few times)

Waving at daddy

Um, she didn't really like the Conductor :(

Love her!

Londy with aunt Blair

Rough life....

jammin' with Grandma

hanging with Grandpa Cardon

cruisin' around with mommy! LOVE LOVE LOVE those pig-tails

Ok, so Lond got quite a few laughs this day! We went to the store to buy some storage containers to put away Christmas. Well it's always a little tricky to take her grocery shopping or anything where she goes in the cart because that doesn't leave much room for anything else. So I put these HUGE containers in the very front of the cart and before I knew it she had moved them back and had climbed in them. It was hilarious, she's pull the lids over so she was hiding and just laughed and laughed thinking she was so sneaky. Everyone thought it was so cute. Everywhere we go we make friends because she is SOOOOOOO friendly saying HI to everyone. I must say, I do love this curious little princess!!

Our little snow bunny

We woke up Sunday morning to beautiful white snow covered everything! So I tried to find a coat my cousin gave me for London and Londy's snow boots so she could check out her FIRST SNOWFALL!!! She wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first, but then loved it! Until she got cold. As you can see it's time for a new coat :) The sleeves are just a few inches too short and we don't have any gloves.

I told her to try and catch the snow on her tongue so she stuck it out and caught a few flakes

After we investigated the snow she was cold so we came inside and I tucked into her cozy little chair with a blanket and some french toast!! I think she liked it :)

lunch time

I don't think I need much explanation, except that she fed herself today!

Shower time!!!

Handball tournament

Wild thing...

London is such a busy body!!!!!!!!! These are a few pictures to show a preview of our wild days. She pulled off her socks and found a string on one of them and decided to pull it until it was long enough to play with.

Pulling the balloons off of everyone's chairs at Sheryl's birthday party

She is her mama's girl! check out that bootie and belly. I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!

Grandma Barnes is teaching her well! Thanks sandi, now she can start helping with our laundry!

She loves it!!!!!!!!! YAY

Little princess was a little upset!

Tearing out books

reading her VERY FAVORITE BOOK! The grumpy morning (an animal book, of course it's her fav :)

She loves to put this on her head and run around, it's so funny

Trying to climb into her baby's stroller

helping mommy in the fridge!         Ok So after all of these pictures, yes, she is VERY busy. However, what would I do without her, she makes me smile everyday even if it's after I've cried over something she's destroyed :)