March 29, 2008

I am so grateful for EXERCISE!!

I am so grateful for exercise. With my new job I sadly haven't been exercising as much. It's been hard to find time, but I went to the most amazing classes today. It rejuvenated me! It just makes you feel so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been thinking about starting to bike because the weather is warming up, which makes me so excited to be outside. So I hope my new exercise hobby will consist of biking. I figure biking is something I can do until I'm 90 so it would be a good thing to start now!! I don't have a bike yet so I need to work on that, but the second I get a bike I will be on my way!!
Ha ha I love this quote on the bottom of this picture!! It is so true.

March 25, 2008

Bring back memories

This is Ty and my first Easter baskets. Bringing back good memories!! When we were little my parents would feel our baskets with goodies, and then my dad would take them outside and set them on the porch and then ring the doorbell and run pretending that it was the Easter bunny. We'd get so excited thinking that the Easter bunny REALLY rang the door bell and left our baskets. It was a tradition I want to do for our future kids.

March 24, 2008

Which one???

We have been on a search for a new mattress. We need help!!! Does anyone have either a tempurpedic or an intelli-bed??? Or any other bed that you'd highly recommend? I guess we are getting old because our backs hurt every morning. I use to think 24 was young, but the way our backs feel in the morning we feel like we're 80!! 

March 4, 2008

Weekend at the cabin

The snow was SO high. Yes, The snow went to the top of the door frame. Hence, we spent a little while shoveling snow of the deck and the roof. We shoveled for hours and there was still a ton left, but we got a good start.
This was SO EMBARRASSING and SO HILARIOUS to see. Clay didn't bring any of his snow gear (He has a ton, but thought he wouldn't need it) Therefore, we had to scrounge up random cabin attire. Yes, the snow bibs are five sizes too small, and he didn't have boots so we put garbage sacks on his feet and then he put his shoes over them. (this made the sacks poof out) We were laughing SO HARD!! can anyone say GHETTO. However, it made for a good laugh. I do have to say that the trash bags worked really well, so if you ever have to improvise give it a try. (If you're going for fashion then i guess you'd be better off freezing)

My other profession

Practice Makes Perfect!

BYU gymnastics