April 17, 2009

My favorite treats lately!!!

These are a few of my very favorite treats lately!!!

Nutz over chocolate is the best :)
YUM!!!! My favorite is the toasted coconut!!!!
Edamame! I love this little snack. Good protein source too!!
Ok so I love these mini yellow and orange peppers!! I am not a huge fan of green peppers, but these are to die for. I love putting them in a big salad!!! I have only found them at Sunflower market and costco.


Thanks for the input on my hair!!! I made my appointment today to do it BLONDE!!! I'm excited, it'll fun for the summer.

Also I am going to give it another week until I go private so if you haven't added your email you still have a few more days!!

April 13, 2009

Hair color!!

Ok so those of you who know me, know that I love to mix things up a bit. I think I want to go blond again, but just want your opinions on which color you like my hair best!!!
Blonde, Brown with highlights, or Dark

blonde Tiff
Super Dark Tiff
Med brown Tiff

April 12, 2009

Going private!!!

So I think it is time to go private. I would love all of our friends and family to still be able to view our blog though. So please leave you email address if you want to still view our blog :)

April 5, 2009

Flag football

Clay has been playing on a flag football team with some guys in our ward, they have had a great time, and played really well, but sadly got knocked out of the tournament on friday night :( It was a sad loss, because now they are done. The past couple of games we have had a BBQ afterwards. We are sad it's over. But I was just informed that Clay's softball games start this next week so we'll be plenty busy with those :) Gotta love sports! I am grateful to have grown up with all brothers so that I am use to this whole sports life. It truly is fun!

Clay and Jason roasting some hot dogs

Linds, Devyn and Me bundled up at a FREEZING cold game
Me and Clay

Provo City 5K

This past Saturday all (almost all)  of my coworkers ran/walked a 5k. It was so much fun!! I was dreading it at first because I heard I was suppose to snow and be really cold, and I am NOT a fan of being cold. However, it ended up being perfect weather for running. I can't wait until we do the next one because by then I probably won't be pregnant and I can actually try and get a good time :) I love my friends at work, they are all so great, it was fun to do this as a team!!!!

Enid, Mary, Jenny, Me, Aubrey, Vicki, Dr Hillam, Kes and Dr Hillam's kids
Me, Aub, Kes, Vicki

Me and my pregnant friends

This weekend Clay and I went to Derricks Gardner's wedding and I was able to see two of my cute pregnant friends!! They both look so adorable. It is going to be so fun when our kids are a little older and they can play together :) I can't wait to take my little girl to the park, library, museums, etc with  my great friends and their kids!!
Lucy and Me

Me and lindy