July 30, 2009

1 1/2 weeks old!!!

Grandma Sandi and Clay doing what we love to do... stare at her :)
Love this flower, it's bigger than her head, but it looks so cute!!

Swinging in her cute swing !! She loves her swing, it has rocked her to sleep a few times!
My little cross-eyed princess!! I love how the first few weeks they look cross-eyed, it is so adorable.

Her first bath in her bathtub (7/28/09). She actually didn't mind it too much!

lovin' her swing

She loves getting cozy in her boppy!
Grandma coming to visit us!!
We thought this was so cute, Clay had to take a work call and so he let go of her bottle and she held it up by herself!!!! We were amazed. She had one hand propped under the bottle and held the bottle with the other hand. It was so funny! What a good girl

Bath time!!!!
Me! the proud mama
Grandma Cardon and the quilts she made for me! she put so much time into these, they are beautiful!!! Thank you so much grandma!

July 25, 2009

Our little princess

     6 lbs 8oz    17.5 inches long    
 born at 4:34 am    July 19, 2009

I have to say that this girl has had me smiling ever since the second she was born. Honestly being a mom is better than I ever even imagined. Everyone told me that I would just wanted to hold her and look at her ALL DAY and I wasn't quite sure about that, until now. Now I know exactly what they were talking about. I feel so incredibly lucky to have this sweet little girl. She is healthy and such a good baby (so far, we hope it lasts :) Giving birth truly is a miracle, it is not only an emotional and physical experience to go through, but definitely a spiritual one as well. One of my favorite things is to watch her wake up, she pulls the cutest faces, I seriously laugh every time, it is adorable. She has also been smiling SO MUCH these past couple of days, and she even laughs in her sleep it is the cutest thing ever!!!
This is the first dress that daddy bought her when we found out that we were having a girl.( I will post a full body picture so you see it better)
Clay and London asleep on the couch after a LONG day of work. It is so sweet to see how much Clay loves her. He is so exhausted after working out in the heat all day, but his face lights up the second he sees her. He is such a great dad!!!!
London's FIRST doctors visit a few days old! She had lost about 5 oz but everything looked great! Mandie and Kelsey work at the clinic I'm going to, so it makes it really fun to have two great friends there when I take her in!! Today (July 22nd) she had a lot of FIRSTS, she had her first doctors apt, her FIRST blowout diaper, and her FIRST bath. It was a good day!

Her FIRST hair combing :)

Grandma Cardon washing her hair, London wasn't quite sure about this
Her first bath in the sink at Grandma's house. I didn't have her cute little bath with me so we just used a towel to lay her in

On our way home from the hospital, her FIRST car ride (July 20th)
Great Grandma Millar
Karalee, Candice, me and London. It was so good to see these girls, it had been way too long. They will be friends for life !!!
I absolutely LOVE this hat!!!! My mom came up from the hospital gift shop with the cutest little giraffe outfit and this hat. I had to put it on her the second I opened the gift! Thanks mom I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great Grandma Cardon
Grandma Sandi
Grandpa Barnes
Proud Uncle T-dog (terrance)
Mama and Pops, Definitely PROUD grandparents
Her FIRST hospital bath
Clay holding his little princess for the first time!! 

Cleaning London off after delivery. It was a little bit crazy after she was delivered her cord was around her neck and so as I was pushing her heart rate kept dropping even after the contraction was over so Dr Rees (who is absolutely amazing) monitored me and the baby for a little bit and then turned to me and told me we had to take another precaution...that freaked me out, because I thought he was going to say a C-section. But it wasn't!! He needed to use the suction to help pull her out. I was a little afraid because I hear those can make the babies head shaped weird so I asked him if if would hurt her at all, he confidently said no it won't hurt her at all! So of course I said to do what he needs to do. I pictured this big vacuum suction and it wasn't like tha at all. It was this handheld pump that he puts on her head, it was very different than i thought it would be. (much better than I pictured)  So after two more pushes with that on head her she was out!!!! Dr Rees slid the cord over her head in such a calm manner and then, Clay got to cut the umbilical cord, it was really special. However, She didn't cry which made me nervous so the nurse took her quickly over to their little cleaning station and did a few things that I couldn't see, but then i heard her first cry and I was put to ease. That first cry is such a priceless sound, something I don't think I'll ever forget.

This is my tummy as I got to the hospital. It is so crazy to look back and think she was in there the whole time!!

Car-seat canopy with mom and Grandma

Happy Fathers day!!!

July 24, 2009