February 9, 2011

Wild thing...

London is such a busy body!!!!!!!!! These are a few pictures to show a preview of our wild days. She pulled off her socks and found a string on one of them and decided to pull it until it was long enough to play with.

Pulling the balloons off of everyone's chairs at Sheryl's birthday party

She is her mama's girl! check out that bootie and belly. I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!

Grandma Barnes is teaching her well! Thanks sandi, now she can start helping with our laundry!

She loves it!!!!!!!!! YAY

Little princess was a little upset!

Tearing out books

reading her VERY FAVORITE BOOK! The grumpy morning (an animal book, of course it's her fav :)

She loves to put this on her head and run around, it's so funny

Trying to climb into her baby's stroller

helping mommy in the fridge!         Ok So after all of these pictures, yes, she is VERY busy. However, what would I do without her, she makes me smile everyday even if it's after I've cried over something she's destroyed :)

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