February 9, 2011

Love her!

Londy with aunt Blair

Rough life....

jammin' with Grandma

hanging with Grandpa Cardon

cruisin' around with mommy! LOVE LOVE LOVE those pig-tails

Ok, so Lond got quite a few laughs this day! We went to the store to buy some storage containers to put away Christmas. Well it's always a little tricky to take her grocery shopping or anything where she goes in the cart because that doesn't leave much room for anything else. So I put these HUGE containers in the very front of the cart and before I knew it she had moved them back and had climbed in them. It was hilarious, she's pull the lids over so she was hiding and just laughed and laughed thinking she was so sneaky. Everyone thought it was so cute. Everywhere we go we make friends because she is SOOOOOOO friendly saying HI to everyone. I must say, I do love this curious little princess!!

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